As I was living in the vicinity of the hospital centre I always took some time to visit the patients I knew well. Some great friendships came out of these visits.

But once my drunkard relative who I actually didn’t want to visit was hospitalised. They called me that I should, or better must pay a visit and that I should report on her condition immediately. 

Well, I went. I would go anyway with some hesitation probably, but now when I was forced to do it, I hardly made myself go.

So, I came to her. She was sitting on her bed. Again, grumpy and sick of life. The life didn’t offer me much opportunities to get to know her. Officially, we were not talking, but now when she was in hospital, we should fake that we get along just fine. 

And there she was. My blood who got so drunk that she hurt her head so much she ended up in hospital. Slowly she melted a bit and asked me for a favour. To get her some cigarettes. I asked for the brand and went to get them.

I came back, put the packet into the case beside the bed, asked a bit about how she was feeling and similar chitchat. Her answers were short, abrupt and impertinent. I was used to her being like that. I didn’t stay long. Why would I?

She unmade my beautiful day. Blah.

I didn’t call home about how she was. They called me. Namely, a furious nurse called that someone has given her cigarettes and that she lit one after dinner. In her hospital bed. 

Of course, I was guilty. I should have known that she is going to smoke. I didn’t expect she would smoke inside the hospital. 

A huge smile crawled across my face.


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